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  • Yuan Jewelry Flowery Message · December Plum Blossom 925 Silver 18K Yellow gold vermeil enamel pendant with pearl necklace

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    Yuan Jewelry Flowery message · December Plum Blossom
    The flower language of plum blossoms is fighting against frost and snow, blooming to welcome spring, being handsome and proud, not seeking glory and gain, being strong, loyal and elegant. There are three kinds of meanings of plum blossoms: one is the symbolic meaning of the five blessings, that is, the five petals of the plum blossom symbolize friendship, happiness, perfection, longevity and good luck respectively; the second is the symbolic meaning of good luck and happiness, that is, the plum blossom is entrusted with the message of spring and good luck. , the meaning of auspiciousness and peace; the third is the symbolic meaning of noble pride and perseverance, that is, plum blossom is the spiritual symbol of Chinese culture, symbolizing the spiritual qualities of perseverance, courage, self-reliance and self-improvement