Yuan Jewelry x Mary Yu Design Oriental Art Jewelry

We create Arts basing on Arts: Crossing boundaries Art Jewelry design

Yuan Jewelry believes arts itself should have no restrictions on forms or media. Somehow arts in different forms can be corelated to each other by sharing the same essence created by the artists. Hence, Yuan Jewelry started to create a new designer jewelry collection crossing over with designers from different areas in 2020. Mary Yu is a very talented Hong Kong based artist & fashion designer, beside being the winner of TOYP in 2011. Mary's CheongSam piece has been selected as a permanent collectible artwork by Museum in Hangzhou, China. Yuan Jewelry created a set of jewelry basing on Mary's water color drawing with the title of <> symbolizes noble and elegance, and also describing the determination of people who climb over mountains in freezing cold snow weather, just to find the plum blossoms blooming in full flowers. The same theme of Plum Blossom drawing was also used in the CheongSam design by Mary herself. Both the jewelry and CheongSam collections took part in Centrestage- Asia's Fashion Spotlight 2020.

StarLight Intricate small pearls diamond ring, 14k gold

YuanJewelry, a local jewelry brand in Hong Kong, is inspired by the changes in the environment of nature to create new starlight with poetic beauty and unique aesthetic perspectives such as the starlit night sky, the dawn and sunset, the beauty of flowers and plants, the circulation of the four seasons. In the Starlight & Garden sense series, there are 22 new works depicting life in the era, natural art, and the beauty of nature.

○●「Nature Stargazing Life Culture」
The concept of fusing traditional nature and life ○●

Growing up in a multicultural Hong Kong where cultural characteristics are closely related to the evolution of the times. Life is to live with the advancement of the times and cultural changes. Whether it is lifestyle or their nature view, people in Hong Kong enjoy communicating with nature more and more.

StarLight Double rings set, 14k gold diamond Tahitian pearl rings

An example would be our best-selling Starlight ring in this exhibition. All beads are their original pearl color and the idea of using the unique peacock green of Tahitian pearls. A specific natural white of topaz with a star-ring carving design and the traditional hand-made stone setting technique condenses Hong Kong people’s culture of stargazing in nature.

StarLight Intricate small pearls diamond earrings, 14k gold

YuanJewelry uses ten tiny and unique pearls in their pure natural white color on the Starlight meteor earrings in the same series; creates a multi-layer streamlined starry pattern through the delicate metalwork of gold and white gold. Layers can be seen through the hollow structure, gems are set with claws to introduce light, and the use of curvilinear arrangement to show meteor changes.

○●Jewelry interpretation of traditional crafts○●

A significant feature of YuanJewelry’s jewelry appreciation is the traditional stone setting technique interpreted by jewelry craftsmanship. The conventional Russian high-end royal jewelry – “Faberge egg” is the creation blueprint. Fine-cut diamonds accompany natural long-length rice-shaped pearls to produce the three-dimensional half-egg-shaped earrings, creating high-end jewelry earrings with noble and subtle layers.

An elegant pair of 14k diamond pearl drop earrings