About Yuan Jewelry

Yuan Jewelry is a designer jewelry brand, carries wishes, stories, and memories. Our work focuses on expressing the natural beauty of pearls and oriental aesthetics through cross-over with different arts in different forms, such as paintings, music & literature.

Designer's words of Yuan Jewelry

YUAN  means wishes, desires and hopes in Chinese.

Hong Kong local jewelry brand Yuan Jewelry was founded in 2017. The brand concept is “Bring original designs to life”. The brand owner Winnie grew up in Hong Kong where the multiculturalism is integrated, and the cultural characteristics of Hong Kong are changing with the times. Closely related, life is to live with the advancing of the times and cultural exchanges. Whether it is lifestyle or nature, Winnie believes that Hong Kong people are more and more enjoying the “me time” of communicating with nature, and they can feel the influence of the natural environment in their ideology and life details. Therefore, most of the creative inspiration of the brand comes from the environmental changes of nature, and is brought into the works with poetic beauty and unique aesthetic perspectives such as the starry night sky, the morning and sunset, the beauty of flowers and plants, and the circulation of the four seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter.